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A Pet Pharmacy That’s Part of the Family

Low $9.99 Pharmacy Prescription Fees - Choose Delivery To Your Door or In-Store Pickup


At Canada Chemists our pets are family, so we understand that your pet's health and wellness are extremely important to you. We carry a wide range of pet medications and supplements, and offer easy prescription transfers, refills, and compounding services - just like for our human patients!

Let us care for your pets’ health:

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Refill an Existing Prescription

Refilling a prescription with Canada Chemists is very simple. Simply enter your existing prescription number and provide us your date of birth for verification. If you have an existing account, you can log in to see previous prescriptions an refill them with the click of button.

If you’re not sure where to find your existing prescription, you can reference the label on your existing medication bottle.

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Refill a Prescription

You can request a refill of any prescription previously filled at a Canada Chemists.

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An Advanced Compounding Pharmacy

Canada Chemists offers advanced compounding services that provide you with custom-made medications tailored precicesly to your needs.

Canada Chemists has been offering safe and effective compounding services since 2005. Our state-of-the-art equipment and hypo-allergenic compounding lab ensure optimal compounds with quick turnaround times.

We look forward to creating your next compounded prescription.

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Transfer Your Scripts to Canada Chemists

We make it easy to choose Canada Chemists as your pets’ pharmacy!

Start the process by filling in this form - we’ll take care of all the logistics required to transfer your existing pet prescriptions.

Then, we will keep you updated on the transfer process, and notify you when your medication is ready to be picked up or delivered to you.

Transferring your prescriptions has never been so simple. If you’d like to understand more about the process or ask our expert team why you should choose Canada Chemists, please contact us!

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Quality Pharmacy Products & Services

Accredited & Licensed

Canada Chemists is an accredited and licensed pharmacy under the Ontario College of Pharmacists (OCP). Canada Chemists pharmacy operates in accordance with OCP guidelines to serve and protect the public by delivering safe and effective pharmaceutical products and services.

National Board Certified

Canada Chemists is an accredited and licensed pharmacy under the Ontario College of Pharmacists. Canada Chemists operates our pharmacy in accordance with College guidelines to serve and protect the public in delivering safe and effective pharmacy products and services

Canada Chemists Care Portal

Canada Chemists offers a FREE wellness portal to keep track of your prescriptions for your family and pets. Easily create refills for existing prescriptions, or review & purchase medications and vitamin products recommended by your wellness practitioners.

Superior Service, Consistent Quality

Canada Chemists only uses the highest quality compounds in our hypoallergenic lab to produce your bespoke prescriptions in a timely and accurate manner. We care about our customers and take every precaution to produce and dispense optimal compounded and standard medications.